Born in Cuba in 1967. He discovered his passion for art at an early age. Started his art studies at “Casa de la Cultura” in Havana, Cuba where he later exhibited at the age of seventeen. He was accepted in San Alejandro School of Art in Havana but later that year he leaves the country. 
He arrived Miami, Fl in 1985 and continued studies in different art fields. However, Roy is adamant that
he is a self-taught individual who has been schooled in the techniques of the great contemporary masters.
He seeks his own aesthetic vocabulary and imagination in the use of color and texture to create a sultry palette.
​Using his childhood memories of Cuba, Roy Rodriguez, passionately projects the hedonistic reality of his native island utilizing vibrant colors and exploring the exotic.
His works has been exhibited in galleries and cultural events and has been featured in various television programs and magazines.
Roy Rodriguez is an active community leader and a contributor to fund-raising events. He has been keeping up with all new multimedia movements with an interactive digital network and is in the process of creating a new innovative concept to merge social media with art by teaching his techniques to other people with Social Painting.​